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Two ways to make video calls on a 3CX VoIP system

Posted at September 23, 2010 | By : | Categories : Telecoms News | Comments Off

This week we’ve been evaluating 3CX’s new video calling feature for version 9 software.  It works really well and is worlds apart from the ‘hit but mostly miss’ quality offering from Skype and GMail.

It’s pretty simple to test it out as long as you’ve a 3CX phone system installed with adequate spare broadband bandwidth (at each end of the call). You can download the two simultaneous call working version of 3CX for free here.

Our favourite alternate video device is Yealink’s IP Video Phone (the VP-2009P). Again these devices work ‘straight out the box’ with 3CX, but you’ll need about 250k of spare bandwidth for a decent call. If I’m honest the Yealinks don’t have the sleek look of the Polycom VVX units, but being roughly one third of the cost our small business customers couldn’t really care. The beauty of SIP Video must surely be the scrapping of expensive dedicated ISDN lines.