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Phone Systems | TelecomHelpWhat can it do for me?

If you’ve been researching buying a phone system you will have realised just how much choice is on offer.  There are many brands and technologies aimed at the small business customer, but how will you know which one is best for you and the plans you have for your business?

TelecomHelp have the experience to choose the right technology for you.  We sell and support over 20 new and mature brands, from 20 year old BT & Panasonic kit to the latest 3CX pure VoIP setup.

Our Customers want to know ‘What can it do for me?’ not have to endure pointless sales patter about VoIP technologies and features that have little or no relevance to their needs.

Our Sales technique

Step 1.   A chat about how your business runs and your growth plans for the next 3 years

Step 2.   Proper analysis of all existing bills to show outgoings and contract terms

Step 3.   We submit a written proposal showing our recommended changes (if any are needed) and expected cost savings.

Our quotes are clear, and unlike all of our competitors we like to stay away from long term contracts.  We never sell ‘auto-renewing’ contracts and you will own the equipment once all the agreed repayments have been made.

What to consider when buying a phone system

  1. Get 3 quotes as prices can vary considerably
  2. Avoid contracts longer than 3 years, prices are generally falling year on year
  3. Local firms can deal with issues much more quickly
  4. Dealing with just one firm that manages your BT lines, calls and hardware will prevent grey hair
  5. If your budget is tight consider refurbished kit with a proper warranty
  6. You’re only as good as your last install – get a recent reference
  7. Small firms are so much more friendly to deal with (we would say that wouldn’t we!)



Request a callback or call us on 020 70428121 and let TelecomHelp lead your brand into a new era.