Your IT Partner

Your IT Services Partner

Investing in your Information Technology infrastructure can be daunting.  Small businesses like yours can experience a steep learning curve with their IT needs as business expands and extra staff are taken on.

Small beginnings

What may have started as a simple network of two PCs and a broadband connection will soon need to become more structured and efficient as you increase the amount of shared company information and set the policy on how it is distributed and protected.  What about Servers and backups as routine?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have dedicated staff who can support and understand your business both now and as it changes.

Our approach

TelecomHelp will set a sensible starting point that will get you off the blocks running and allow scaleable growth in the medium term.  Again and again we see small companies initially invest heavily in IT but then fail to justify the budget to maintain impetus as the business grows.  After the first and second years this approach creates an ‘ad-hoc’ network that performs poorly and may be disruptive to put right.

It needn’t cost the earth

All this can be avoided with the correct advice on day one.  TelecomHelp understands the needs and typically modest budgets of companies like yours.  We will tailor your network to suit both pocket and expectations.  Simple, no-nonsense help with basic networks is our forte – technical planning combined with our 20 years’ experience and common sense will give your IT network the best start in life.

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