Products & Services to Suit all SME Needs

Carefully chosen suppliers and a broad range of experience enable us to provide your business with the best possible technology fit.

Telephone Systems – save up to 60%

Telephone systems have evolved, not just in terms of what they can do, but also in how they’re set up.  A traditional phone system may be exactly what your business requires or perhaps you need to be looking at a Voip connection.  Whatever your needs, we can offer great savings against the majority of our competitors and make sure you’ll save up to 60% on ‘nearly new’ equipment.

Approved BT Services Reseller – save up to 40%

You can be safe in the knowledge that we’re well positioned to give you the best advice and after sales care on related BT products and services.  We can order, install and maintain your system and you’ll always have one point of contact – linking seamlessly with the rest of your IT and communications set-up.  Our relationship with BT means that we can offer you up to 40% off a vast range of services

Cheap Calling Plans – save up to 30%

This highly competitive arena has allowed businesses to benefit from incredibly low calling costs.  But where do you go and how do you know you’ll get good service?

TelecomHelp has enormous experience in this field and as such is best-placed to provide not only some of the cheapest call plans available, but without compromise to call quality or customer support.  We may be able to reduce your call costs by 30% or more (compared to current BT rates).

Broadband Internet – reduce costs today

If you need super fast 24 mbps you’ve got it!  All of our broadband packages are fast and efficient, so we just need to establish what best suits you. With no hassle we can have your new system installed and working in no time; and it goes without saying you’ll make significant savings on your current set-up.

IT Problem Solving

An IT problem doesn’t always dictate that an engineer has to arrive on site to provide a solution.  We are all about keeping your costs down and can often put things right over the phone.  You may wish to either call us as and when a problem crops up, or perhaps an ongoing monthly maintenance arrangement would give you better peace of mind.

IT Project Management

Moving office?  Changing suppliers or equipment?  Have someone in the office that ‘kind-of’ understands it?  What might take someone with a bit of IT knowledge 7 days to deal with can often take a professional 1 day.

Don’t put your company’s communications and bottom-line at risk.  We can get the job done without stressing your workforce or your budget.

Wiring Expertise

Does it look like the nooks and crannies in your office are adorned with multi-coloured spaghetti?  Have faults been happening and the fear of tackling it kicked in?  Have you finally decided that someone really needs to take control and get it organised?

You don’t have to avoid it any longer.  Whether it’s old GPO wires or modern fibre optics, let us take a look at your knotted nightmare and make the corners of your office safe to venture into again.

As a general rule most modern telecoms and computer network equipment is reliable.  The key is to make sure that the installation is carried out with pride by a qualified professional.  This approach will ensure that ongoing maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

TelecomHelp is here to help, so call today on 020 74028121 for money saving, hassle free solutions.

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