Office Move Specialist

You have to move from your established office, maybe without much notice – where do you start?

Office moves can be a nightmare without a good plan of action and the correct Suppliers in tow.  TelecomHelp has moved the IT and phones for dozens of local businesses, sometimes on very short notice for lease reasons but usually because firms have outgrown their old offices.

Issues such as the following must to be dealt with in good time;

Can we keep our phone numbers?
Does our phone system suit the new setup?
Is the new building’s wiring and broadband good enough?

Who’s going to move our fragile computer equipment?
Will moving affect our existing contracts?

TelecomHelp will use our experience and expertise to Project Manage your move.  We take your stress away by dealing on your behalf with the big firms such as BT and TalkTalk, arranging Engineers and any other work needed.  We will move your phone system, supply broadband and if necessary rewire your new building for phones, computers, CCTV, etc.

You get a local, reliable, single point of contact from our initial talk to your first day of working in the new premises.  If we can’t do something needed, I bet we know someone locally who can.


Request a callback or call us on 020 70428121 and let TelecomHelp manage your move.