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BT announces expanded rollout of 24mb Broadband

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About time too!

BT doubles footprint for next generation broadband & cuts wholesale prices
24 September, 2009 – 12:07

BT Wholesale has stated its intention to significantly expand the availability of next generation copper broadband – offering customers speeds of up to 24Mbps – by saying it intends to almost double the current footprint for the service – bringing it within reach of 20 million homes and businesses by Spring 2011.

The company also revealed substantial reductions for the price it charges communications providers in order to encourage the take up of next generation broadband.

Wholesale Broadband Connect is the service that will be offered to communications providers. Running over BT’s 21st Century Network, Wholesale Broadband Connect offers CPs the option to provide broadband customers with greater control, choice and flexibility as well as higher speeds of up to 24Mbps. These higher speeds help meet the growing need for high speed access to a range of concurrent online services, including television and gaming online.