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3CX and the Voice Application Designer (VAD)

Posted at September 22, 2010 | By : | Categories : Telecoms News | Comments Off

I’ve been exploring 3CX’s VAD – a way of creating some fabulous Voicemail routing options for the 3CX phone system. The software seems a bit daunting at first but is actually quite easy to pick up and I’d created the following simple rule within 10 minutes of ‘meddling’;

1. Call comes in and is answered by my greeting ‘Welcome to TelecomHelp, please dial your 4 digit account number now’
2. Caller dials a 4 digit string from their handset.
3. 3CX captures the string and references it onto our database, a match routes the call one destination, a mismatch gives further options.
4. Caller ID can be captured and complimentary routing rules kick in.

This is nothing new in call answering functionality, however 3CX is the only system I’ve come across whereby really clever and complicated routing plans can be set up in minutes using a Windows PC!

This is a real threat to the specialist companies that charge a fortune to setup and manage this functionality – we can roll this out to our small and medium sized business for a pittance.

We love innovation and 3CX is right on the money with this one.